About “Mission Guatemala”

Mission Guatemala is a summary of the mission efforts of Byron and Snezana Benitez and Hawatthia “Hi” Jones in Guatemala, Central America. Byron and Hi moved to Guatemala in March of 2000 with the purpose of working with established congregations of the churches of Christ. Their goal was to work with the local Christians to build up the local body and to establish new congregations, and NOT to do the work for the local Christians.

Since being in Guatemala, these men have had the privilege of working with Anibal Ramirez, a Guatemalan preacher who established a congregation in Linda Vista, Villa Nueva, just south of Guatemala City. Together, with the help of countless others, they have made great efforts to build up the local body, to establish new churches, to aid the needy, and to train men and women for ministry through a preaching school that they established called Instituto Teológico Latinoamericano (ITL for short, or Latin American Theological Institute in English).

In 2014, Snezana became an essential part of the team, after she and Byron married. Snezana brings with her many years of faithful service in the Lord’s church, her experience in missionary fields (i.e., Lithuania, China) and training in ministry.

This team continues to accomplish the goal of bringing the CENTRAL MESSAGE to CENTRAL AMERICA!


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